Synchronous recording and remote playback.

Full-featured solution for synchronous multichannel recording video from almost any possible sources including ST 2110 devices into professional editing and archiving formats with remote playback of the recorded content.
Record. Control. Play.
SyncWIZ contains of 3 parts that covers its functionality.
Synchronously record videos from multiple SDI, HDMI, NDI signals, network streams or web-pages.
Supports professional recording formats from AVC to DNxHD and ProRes.
SyncPlay Core
Core part of SyncWIZ for remote control of the recorded content. Sets up a connection between a player and the recorded video archive machines and controls the player.
Synchronously play the recorded content from a remote location. Connect to your recorded video archive machine, select a date to monitor, and analyze the recorded material.

Any Source.

Synchronous Recording.

SyncWIZ works with any possible video sources:

  • SDI/HDMI devices by Blackmagic Design, AJA,
  • ST 2110 devices by Deltacast
  • IP Cards by Blackmagic Design,
  • web cameras,
  • IP cameras,
  • SRT, UDP, RTMP network streams,
  • Web-pages including live-streamed videos.

Configure the sources and record them with frame-accurate synchronization.

multiple inputs
Ready for Edit and Archive

With SyncWIZ, you can record your content into a format that fits your requirements. Supported formats and codecs include:

  • Avid DNxHD,
  • Apple ProRes,
  • MPEG,
  • AVC,
  • MOV,
  • MP4,
  • AVI,
  • TS,
  • MXF.

And we are happy to add more formats based on your requests.

Control the Recorded Material. Remotely.

SyncWIZ contains SyncPlay. This is a way to playback the recorded content remotely. You can analyze the recorded content, inspect the audience of live streams, and find out what content brings more attention of your audience. All of this is possible from a remote location using SyncPlay.
multiple outputs at the same time
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