Recording. Streaming. Playout.
Combined together.

A professional all-in-one solution to capture video from multiple sources and prepare content for production and archiving purposes, for streaming to studios and CDNs, and playout to SDI, and NDI.
Many scenarios - one solution
For video studios, content producers, live shows, and sports - from amateurs to professionals.
Everything you need from video processing combined together.
Capture your input videos to professional containers using effective video and audio codecs. Generate MOV, MXF, MP4, TS, AVI, and MKV files using H.264, H.265, MPEG-2, DNxHD, and many other video codecs. Plan recordings and save them in chunks.
Deliver your content to media platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.
Stream to CDN entry points such as Akamai.
Transport your video to production studios via SRT or UDP.
Prepare content for VOD and live delivery systems.
Prepare complex playlists with local files, network streams, capture devices, and NDI signals, and send them to playback devices such as Decklink, AJA, or Bluefish444, or generate NDI outputs. InitWIZ converts your playlists to your desired format. From PAL and NTSC to FullHD and to UHD 60p.
multiview workflow

Multichannel Workflow

Control InitWIZ from a single place with a multiview

Work with multiple capture and playout sources at the same time simultaneously. Use each channel in its own simple tab, or use a Multiview to control all the workflows from a single screen.

Schedule and Automate

Simplify the processing with a built-in scheduler, multi-target recordings, and templates

Record and stream your content at the same time. Plan and schedule each recording with easy-to-set tools of InitWIZ. Synchronize all sources together. Record to multiple destinations at once.

capturing schedule
Character generator

Enhance Your Video

Personalize your video with overlays

InitWIZ includes a powerful CG Editor for you to create overlays for your video processing. Logo overlays, news crawlers, picture-in-picture ads – these and many other graphics configurations are available. Adjust color parameters with built-in brightness and contrast plug-in.

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