Convert. Record. Stream.

A multi-format solution to process video sources from capture devices and from the network and generate NDI and SDI output signals, SRT, RTMP network streams, and local files.

Work With Any Input Sources

BridgeWIZ supports professional capture devices by Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, Magewell, and Deltacast. You can work with web cameras and other USB-capture devices as well as with NDI sources. Or you can decide to use network streams as sources to process the video. You can use video streams from UDP, RTMP, HLS, DASH, and SRT protocols as well as direct streams from YouTube.

multiple inputs
RTMP, SRT, UDP, NDI, SDI outputs

Convert To Different Destinations

With BridgeWIZ, you can build bridges between your source streams to various destinations:

  • NDI Signals
  • SDI Playback Devices (Blackmagic Design)
  • Network Streams via RTMP, UDP or SRT
  • Local Files

Process Multiple Destinations Simultaneously

Create multiple outputs at the same time by using multiple destinations with different target types. You can convert a source to NDI, SDI, and network streams at once.
BridgeWIZ works as an SDI to NDI converter, an NDI to SDI converter, as a professional recorder, and as a fast restreaming solution – all together, with an easy-to-use interface for fast configuration.
multiple outputs at the same time
easy to configure

Configure Everything Easily

BridgeWIZ is powerful but simple to configure.

It automatically detects the best video encoding configuration and encoding bitrate based on your source parameters.

Once configured, the project is saved and can be restored later. You can save projects to a custom location and dynamically load your configurations by request.

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