Main Features

PlayWIZ Playout Automation

PlayWIZ is an extremely flexible comprehensive solution for all automated playout requirements of a broadcast facility, irrespective of its size. It has a robust and scalable architecture which boasts of high adaptability making it fit for even individuals on the lookout for seamless content broadcasting. PlayWIZ is the most reliable automated content playout partner with uninterrupted and independent operations 24/7.

Core Features

In-built Playlist Scheduler


Each license can be installed on up to two PCs or Laptops in total as long as PlayWIZ is not being used on both at the same time. To install your license on to the second machine, enter the key as normal and follow the instructions in the error message when prompted.

Licenses can also be transferred to a new computer if required as long as PlayWIZ is no longer being used on the previous machine. To deactivate a previous machine with a PlayWIZ registration key on it, send email to

N.B: A reasonable number of transfers are permitted to cater for computer upgrades, hardware failures and other situations where the previous machine becomes inoperable. This means a license should not be considered a operator, site or floating license.

Note: PlayWIZ cannot be installed directly on OSX and can only be installed on Windows via Boot Camp when using a Mac

PlayWIZ can be installed on a Mac via Boot Camp. Boot Camp allows installing Windows to a separate partition on the system.

Interlaced cameras are supported and interlaced videos such as MOV and MXF are supported as well.

If you have a problem with PlayWIZ installer on Windows Server

You need to install Windows Media Player on your machine. On Windows Server, it is called Desktop Experience or Media-Foundation feature You can find it among Features in Program and Components.

When your subscription is valid : We provide support and do our best to resolve technical issues. Renewing your subscription is optional. However, we highly recommend doing this to make sure

that you are always deploying the latest version.

Our deployment license is perpetual — the product will never stop working if you deploy the license files
correctly and work with versions released during the validity of your subscription period.
For example, you have licensed our product on February 1, 2021. Until February 1, 2022, you can download
new versions of the licensed product from our website, and it will never stop working. However, if you try
deploying a version released on February 2nd, 2012 — it will not work with your existing license files
unless you renew your subscription and receive the new license files from us.

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